Saturday, 21 August 2010

Why the Alzheimer's Society?

Alzheimer’s Dementia currently affects over 37,000 people in Wales alone (750,000 for the UK as whole) and this is just the cases that are known! The number of people that will be affected in the UK is predicted to reach one million by 2025.

‘Remember the Person’ is a campaign that was launched from the Pier Head building here in Cardiff in July 2010. Its aim- to generate greater awareness; Gary Oldacre and his father were in attendance, Oldacre Senior has given interviews to Wales Today, spoken at the Dementia Act Conference and even been on Turre Radio in Spain, covering an ex-pat populace from Gibraltar to Valencia debating dementia. 

We like to believe this is the start of an opportunity to further promote our cause nationally and internationally.

The following links highlight why we were inspired to get involved with Gary’s efforts to raise awareness & funds for the fight against Alzheimer’s.

Western Mail article 29 March 2010 - title: Husband speaks about impact of dementia on his life

Pdf for the July edition of the living with dementia magazine (click the “Download the file” link  and go to section 12

Press release to publicise the fund raising ITM Bike Ride

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