Wednesday, 25 August 2010

CSI Splott: Bike Thief Won't Stop Owen!

  • Crime Scene: Queen St nr Barclays & Central Bar
  • Date: 6th August 2010
  • Time: Between 7-11pm

While Owen was supping a well earned shandy on a Friday night, a callous thief managed to remove his bike chain by removing the front wheel & manoeuvring it around the bike frame. Owen's Friday night was ruined as all that was left of  his pride and joy, a Carrera Kraken mountain bike, was the front wheel!

Owen with a Carrera Kraken wheel, but no Carrera Kraken.
In the off chance anyone sees this (expensive) bike for sale somewhere, the details are:

Make: Carrera Kraken
Colour: Grey & White
Tyres: Speedking – White rims, with green slime inner tubes.

Despite this blow, Owen has unselfishly been totally determined to complete the Taff Trail on 4th September, and has been searching for a suitable bike as a temporary replacement, quote:

"Since it was stolen, a number of kind offers to borrow a bike for the event have been received, however the size of the bikes offered have been too small.

Not quite as good as the Kraken!
If anyone has a large frame (20inch plus) bike with some form of suspension, the lending of it would be much appreciated for September 4th or in advance for some practice.

Failing that, I will be completing the bike ride on an 11yr old mountain bike with no suspension, squeaky brakes, and 21 gears, of which only about 6 are selectable."

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