Monday, 6 September 2010

Mission Accomplished!

A great day was had by all on Saturday, as ITM & Friends set off from Brecon as planned at 11am.

It took a lot of effort by everyone, from the cyclists to the people supporting the event, however everyone made it to the finishing post in one piece.
Start Point at Brecon

There were a few incidents on the way, Tony fell into the Brecon Canal, the support vehicle was chased off someone's car park, and Tony (him again!) was deliberately misdirected by cheeky kids in Merthyr - however all agreed it was a great day.

It was nice to see a few familiar faces turn up at the finishing post to offer their congratulations, and also passers by and patrons of the Mochyn Du pub were extremely generous in donating too.

We'll be posting more over the next few days to explicitly thank people who've helped us, and give you an update on funds raised, but in the meantime enjoy an album of the big day here:

ITM & Friends on the Taff Trail

Click the image to open the album in a new window.


  1. Mr Jones here from number 42, High St, Ponsticill. Well done on completing the ride but GET OFF MY LAND!

  2. Was a great day, not only was the Canal Basin a great place to start the day, there was a great view from the basin of the canal